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Transformation Hatha Yoga 
Fit for Life
Yoga is fun and expands the mind - it relaxes and nurtures your whole being. Find your true Self: more concentration, stamina, health and happiness!

Yoga classes for all ages, conditions and abilities with individual care and attention from experienced teachers. Beginner, Advanced level and Prenatal classes offered throughout the year. Please ask to speak with one of our Yoga teachers about your development and progress or about any problems you have. We are always here to help you find happiness, health, fitness and fulfillment.

This beautiful form of exercise nurtures the whole being while keeping us fit. Because Transformation Yoga encourages and works in harmony with each person’s natural energies, a greater degree of peace can be attained on all levels – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Attention is given to the breath, and by co-ordinating our physical movements with the breath and with mind concentration, we can begin to achieve our full potential. As we become more in tune with ourselves we can then feel more at ease, be better able to deal with stressful situations, and have greater clarity when making decisions. Beauty of spirit, grace of movement and peace of mind then flow naturally.

For currently scheduled sessions and pricing see the Centre's home page  under New and Upcoming Classes and Events. Pre-registration required. Please bring a notebook, yoga mat and wear loose, comfortable clothing to class. For more information and to register, please call

Drawing of Lady practicing Yoga Drawing of Pregnant Lady practicing YogaYoga Workshops and Specialty Classes Weekly Transformation Hatha Yoga Classes for beginner, advanced and prenatal students are offered throughout the year, please call for details.

Workshops and classes may be arranged at your location.

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