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Life Skills and Relaxation Workshop

Do you want to get more out of life? Life Skills and Relaxation will give you the keys to unlock:Skills for Everyone

What is it?
A set of practices that can be used whenever and wherever needed to relieve stress and anxiety, relax, bring focus, improve concentration and decision-making. Can improve sleep, digestion, and be weight-balancing.

How long does it take to learn?
The workshop is one hour. If you would like to gain a deeper understanding after starting to use the tools, follow-up sessions can be arranged.

How will it be taught?
Individually or in small groups to ensure that everyone benefits and has all that they need.

Who can benefitHow it works
These skills allow people to bring more awareness to themselves in the present moment and to change their attitude in seconds.

Medical science has proven the negative effects that stress and anxiety have on our health and wellbeing. For example: if one is tense, the body responds by tensing up. When this happens, we do not breathe fully, which reduces the amount of oxygen we take in. When the brain isn't fully oxygenated, our thinking is not at its best. So by using a simple relaxation exercise and a breath tool, all this can be improved.

Life is moving at a faster pace these days, with much being asked of all of us. When feeling rushed, mistakes are more likely, costing more time and energy. We teach simple ways to maintain or restore our peace.

In the workshop, the practical reasoning behind the tools is covered; giving participants the full picture of what is happening and why, and how the tools can help them change it.

Should you wish to learn more about the topics covered in this workshop or learn more tools to take into your life, please Contact the Centre - we have much more to offer people who wish to go farther.

Please contact the Centre for the dates of these classes. We are happy to add whenever possible.
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This class can also be arranged privately and at your location.

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