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 Training Syllabus

Intuitive Counselling & Coaching

Intuitive Counselling & Coaching Professional Training (to Dip.ICouns. qualification)
Help others resolve conflict ~ gain greater self-awareness
Outstanding professional training for individuals and organizations
This training gives the opportunity to take counselling to a highly advanced level. It is for those who wish to help others effect positive and life enhancing changes: to assist their individual growth and personal development in every way.

We see Intuitive Counselling as an intuitive art, requiring a great depth of wisdom, understanding and unconditional love.

Emphasis will first be placed on deepening the intuitive awareness of students, on learning ways of identifying the subtle ego and its reactions, and on releasing conditioning and emotional preferences. Only those who desire progress within themselves will be able to assist with Intuitive Counselling for others, for this counselling is healing in a very deep and real sense, touching the spirit as well as the physical, emotional and mental levels.

Training will be carefully paced and monitored by the teachers, with the individual’s progress very much in mind. The course will consist of six intensive training weeks; three consecutive weeks in each of the first two years, with a final assessment week in the third year. Assignments, both written and practical, will be set in the intervening periods. Ongoing support from the teachers will be available during the course and afterwards, as necessary.

Year 1 Week 1 Foundation Course
Knowing yourself and facing your ego.

Weeks 2 & 3 Counselling Skills
Illnesses and Life Situations: including Arthritis, MS, ME, Cancer, Aids, Migraine, Epilepsy, Infertility, Injuries, Menstruation, HRT and Menopause. How to tap into Universal Consciousness and to be an instrument of Intuitiion in whatever way the patient needs at that time. Body language and expression. Developing intuition and Unconditional Love. Setting up a practice.

Year 2 Week 4 Specialist Training
Sexual and Mental conditions, and Dreams.
Including Depression, Schizophrenia, Violence, Breakdowns, Obsessions, Emotional problems, Psychic disorders, SAD, Stress, Identity crisis.
Abuse, Rape, Contraception, Adultery, Homosexuality, Sexual desires and difficulties, Circumcision, Sex change, Masturbation, Infertility, Prostitution, Sexually transmitted diseases.

Weeks 5 & 6 Specialist Training
Bereavement and loss. Relationship and homosexual/heterosexual Couple and Partnership Counselling, Child and Youth Counselling, Families, Death and Dying, Ageing, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Eating Disorders, Unemployment, Redundancy, Business, Loss of Identity, Finding Direction, Spiritual Growth and Guidance.

Year 3 Week 7 Assessment Week
There will be written and practical assignments throughout the course. On completion of Week 6, students are invited to apply for certification. Case studies and reports from course teachers of ongoing progress, reports of assessment week work and interview presentation will all be considered by the Assessment Panel. In the event of a pass, a Diploma of Intuitive Counselling will be awarded and the letters Dip. I.Couns may then be used for professional purposes.
Students need to be aware of the high standards such certification demands and be prepared to embark on an intensive, exacting and thorough course of study.

Please contact us for further details, or to speak to a teacher.

Places are limited to ensure that individual needs are met, so early reservation is essential.

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