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Bath, Michigan, USA - One of the worldwide Centres
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Animal Healing Client, LuciAnimal Healing experience
We would like to express our deep appreciation for the animal healing you gave to our dog Luci. Our beloved companion began to experience anxiety when gunshots would ring around our home, it had progressed to a point that any loud noise sent her running in panicked circles and no amount of reassurance or love seemed to calm her.  She then exhibited severe separation anxiety, following us around the inside and outside of the house NEVER leaving our side.  It was obvious to us that this had a profound affect on her overall well being and we longed for her balanced demeanor and companionship.  After trying everything dog trainers, the dog whisperer and the vet had recommended the end result was still the same.  Short of medicating her we were at a loss until I recalled you performed animal healings.  You held the answer we had been looking for.   After you spent hour or so with her, gently talking to her, petting her and going the extra mile to be sure she was comfortable she emerged a balanced dog.  Upon returning home she found comfort in going to the basement by herself to stay cool, no longer got up to follow us everywhere we went and best of all she completely ignores loud noises.  We are so very grateful you shared your gift with Luci.  We are all more balanced and peaceful!   Thank you again Paul. Much Love,
- Luci, Nadine & Tom Stinnett

Pure Meditative Peace class after just two weeks of practicepond lily heart at the Self Realization Sevalight Centre for Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling, Bath MI USA
It is definitely worth it. Make time for yourself! I've improved healthwise and also dealing with other people and day to day stress. Helped with major stomach and digestion problems.
- Janet, Charlotte, Michigan
Have an open mind, try it. People are smiling at me. It has reduced my stress levels and blood pressure.
- D. Maynard
I never spend money on special things for myself, but I decided that this time I was going to. It was well worth it. Its truly amazing how much meditation helps. After just a week of practicing my meditation, I was able to feel a difference. I was alot more calm and focused. I have a sense of well being, also. Even though I don't always feel peaceful and focused during my practice I've persevered, and I can definitely see the results in my daily life.
- JKN, Eaton Rapids, MI

Transformational Gentle Yoga WeekendSpring tulips in the Centre garden experience
Not what I thought I wanted, but exactly what I needed!
- Michelle

Self Guided Retreat (known as Personal Retreat) with Counselling~Coaching
For listening. For comforting and caring for me when I refused to do it for myself. For reminding me of my voice. For reminding me to listen to my voice. For guidance and for LOVE. "May Allah give you a greater reward than what you have given me."

Couples retreat experience (known as Personal Retreat)
In a world of contant busyness, never ending movement, and motion, it was great to find a place where my husband and I could just be. Thank you for a wonderful spiritual reboot.
- Richard and Ke

Private Group Retreats
We all appreciate your loving attention to our comfort. Great food, great energy here. Thanks on behalf of the Interfaith Women's Spirituality Group
- Jan
frost on the three season room porch window
Day visits experience
The peace & tranquility I feel with time here is priceless. Thank you.
- K.B.

Christmas Celebration Silent Retreat experience
I just returned home from a glorious Christmas meditation retreat right in my own neighborhood. From Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning I experienced silent, loving care at the Centre nestled in a serene, wooded area only 4 miles from my house. How lucky can I get? Joanne and Paul provided the perfect ambience and sweet love for me to experience deep relaxation, complete rest and peacefulness... plus, creative and delectable, fresh vegatarian meals. Life enhancing and joyous opportunities are right in front of me when I can see them. I am so happy I took advantage of this one and look forward to returning. I encourage you to try this place!
- Carol Ingall, Haslett, Michigan

Peace and Quiet Weekend experience
It is nice to know there is a place to go when I want to finish a thought or read uninterrupted. For a time I did not worry about everyone I know, and allowed void of thought to happen even if it was only for 1-3 seconds (sometimes longer). It just so happened I found books here that interested me as well!
- Qrstyna

Our names are Darrell and Leslie Robinson and we are a Pastor and Evangelist who live in Gary, IndianaOur names are Darrell and Leslie Robinson and we live in Gary, Indiana.
I (Leslie) have been coming to SRMHC since early 2008 on several personal retreats. I find that being here is the best thing that has ever happened to me in a long time. I, along with my husband, are in Ministry and it's very time consuming and people oriented, and we love the work of the Lord, but, in order to care for others, we have to stop and take care of ourselves. The Centre provides a peaceful, quiet place to go within and get back in touch with the spirit that resides on the inside. Joanne and Paul are a blessing to us and the vegetarian meals are simply nutritious and filling. My husband just last week came here for his very first retreat of this kind, and has not stopped talking about his experience and the peace that was restored to him. We encourage anyone who feels tired and burned out to come here and have your purpose redefined for 2009. God bless you Joanne and Paul.
- Leslie and Darrell Robinson, Gary, Indiana

Dear Joanne,
I would like to thank you and the Centre for all the hard work and commitment you have to creating such a loving, open, healing environment. I have had the pleasure of taking yoga classes, going on retreat, and receiving counselling and healing from the Centre. At a time when I was deeply grieving the loss of my Mother and three little ones, the counselling and healing at the Centre was the only thing that brought me back from a very serious depression without taking synthetic medication. The counselling at the Centre comes from such a space of unconditional love, it is really incredible. It was so comforting to be able to process and heal in a non-judgmental environment. The silent retreat I attended was so peaceful. The trails were a great place to contemplate, and the meals very nourishing. I felt like I was lifted up and supported and also allowed to do what I need to do at the same time. Thank you again for all that you do, and may the Centre continue to provide all of these critical services to the community for years to come.
Blessings, Cathy

My Yoga Experience
During the winter of 2005, I saw a flyer for a yoga class at the Centre that was in close proximity to my home. I find evenings during the winter extremely boring, so I called and signed up for my very first yoga class. My intention was to attend for six weeks to give me something to do one evening a week for the winter. I've been going ever since. Yoga keeps me sane. It makes me feel good, both physically and mentally. It is extremely relaxing! It has taught me so much. I can now settle myself down in high stress situations by using my breathing. My posture has improved 100%. If I have an ache or a pain in my body, I know what I need to do to alleviate that pain. I seem to take much better care of myself. One situation where yoga played a huge role in my recovery was this past summer. I had an allergic reaction to a drink I had ingested. As I've never had an allergic reaction prior to this, I did not know what was happening. All I did know is that my throat had swelled up and I felt very strange. This was happening as I went to bed for the evening. As I lay in bed, scared out of my wits and not sure what was happening, I used yoga breathing all night long to keep myself calm. When I got up in the morning and looked in the mirror to see a swollen throat and swollen lips, I realized I needed help. I did end up in the Emergency Room for treatment. Without the yoga breathing, I believe my throat would have closed off. But because I knew how to keep myself calm and breathe correctly, I had a good outcome. I am forever grateful! I will practice yoga for the rest of my life.
- Denise H., Bath, MI

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